Our founder Alexis Van Scoit, a passionate athlete throughout his life, decided to found SCOTI, believing that creating a professional sportswear brand to inspire athletes to achieve their life goals, would be the best way to give back a little of what sport has given him. In 2022, SCOTI comes to life with the illusion of being present in the achievement of the life goals of all of us... the athletes, every step of the way.“

At SCOTI, we are a cycling apparel brand with a unique style. We pay attention to every detail in our manufacturing process, from production in Italy to the delivery of our garments to our athletes, and we do it according to our own criteria as cyclists.

we know that as athletes, it matters to us that inspiration is taken seriously. That's why we dream of being a part of the upcoming cycling classics, but above all, we dream of being together on the journey towards all cyclists' goals.


 ¨An Unstoppable motion¨