SCOTI Unstoppable Women Cycling Bib short


SCOTI Unstoppable Women Cycling Bib short

Experience the comfort of our bibs crafted with CHALLENGER fabric. These bib shorts offer unbeatable stretch, muscle support, and long-lasting durability. Our fabric technology adapts elastically to your muscles, providing support throughout your ride.

Featuring an Italian pad made of anti-bacterial microfibre fabric with carbon foam and shock-absorbing rubber foam, our bib shorts ensure comfort even during rides lasting over 8 hours. The anatomical cut and X-MATT 240 g/m2 side panels offer resilience and elasticity for a snug fit.

Choosing the right bib short should not be taken lightly. Not only does it affect the design, but your ride's performance will also be influenced by this decision. The technology of the fabrics, adaptability, and fit, as well as the quality of the internal pad, all play a crucial role in sweat absorption and proper form. The body structure of the bib short ensures that your entire body remains supported throughout the ride, allowing you to feel securely held in place without any movement of the garment. As cyclists, we understand how important this is.

Crafted in Italy


SCOTI draws inspiration from the relentless pursuit of challenges and the intrinsic connection between the cyclist and the road, accompanied by the aspiration for professionalism. The central theme focuses on the cyclist's personal growth and the excitement of conquering new horizons.